Christina Nicosia


Chef Christina Nicosia Lead Pastry Instructor at LCI


Lead Pastry Instructor 
Chef Christina Nicosia has been in the food service industry and teaching for over 35 years. Her experiences range from large hotel kitchens, small restaurants, in-store bakeries, competition training, to owning her own bakery. 

Her credentials include Certified Executive Pastry Chef (C.E.P.C.), Certified Culinary Educator (C.C.E.), and Lead Pastry Accredited Culinary Evaluator (C.E.), through the American Culinary Federation. She also holds her Foodservice Management Professional (F.M.P.) through the National Restaurant Association and is finishing her Master’s in Organizational Leadership at CSU. 

Chef Nicosia was voted Presidents Award 1996, Chef of the Year 1998, Culinary Educator of the Year 2003, Chapter newsletter Editor, and Louisiana Gold Culinary Classic Co-Chair for three years with the New Orleans A.C.F. chapter. She holds the office of Certification Chair with the Baton Rouge A.C.F. Chapter. Chef Nicosia is a strong supporter of children’s charity events and believes in lifelong education “never stop learning”.

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