Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online courses?

LCI does not currently offer online courses, however due to the increasing demand for flexible course instruction, LCI is currently developing mobile options for some courses designed for continuing culinary and hospitality education. It is important to remember however, that basic culinary instruction will require a presence in the kitchen under the guidance of a chef instructor. The opportunity to learn to cook alongside a chef instructor is a far better learning experience than distance learning through the use of videos or other remote instructional tools.

Do you offer evening courses?

LCI does not offer courses in the evening or weekend. All culinary courses are offered Monday-Thursday from 8:00-1:45 pm. General education courses are offered on Monday-Wednesday from1:50-2:50 pm. LCI has designed courses to be administered during periods that offer students with the full utilization of the LCI faculty and facility.

Do you rent out your kitchens for individual use?

Kitchens and other facility areas are rented often for multiple customized uses. Please review our facility rentals page for additional information and contact us for individual quotes and the availability of our spaces.

Are there dorms? If not, where do students stay?

LCI does not provide on campus housing. Our students stay in a variety of housing options around Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. LCI Student Services staff assist students with housing searches before and during enrollment. LCI currently has partnerships with some local apartments and Chase Hotel Suites to assist with relocation and transition into housing. Because relocating can add an additional financial burden, LCI also offers a Louisiana Non-Resident Scholarship for eligible students which can be used to assist with these expenses.

Do you offer private party cooking lessons?

LCI offers many customizable options. Leisure Classes are a deliciously popular way to prepare tasty creations under the direction of one of our many talented chef instructors. These fun classes are offered throughout the year. Please view our Leisure Class Schedule to review our upcoming classes or to register for a leisure class. For a customized lesson or offsite event, please contact our catering department to schedule an event or training that meets your needs. 

Can you double major?

LCI offers the opportunity to successfully complete multiple programs in an expedited time period. After completing one culinary program, students often continue on into another concentration to add industry skills and knowledge. A degree in more than one culinary discipline adds marketability to a culinary professional.

Do I need a GED or High School Degree to participate?

LCI requires that students have proof of High School graduation or an equivalent. Acceptable forms of proof include the following: High School Diploma, Official High School transcripts, GED, HISET, High School Equivalency documentation or an acceptable Home School Certificate.

What is the tuition?

Each student has a unique financial situation that impacts the student’s financial contribution towards the cost of attendance. To ensure that every student’s eligibility for financial aid and scholarship opportunities is reviewed, each student is required to meet with the financial aid advisor to review the student’s financial position prior to enrollment. The student’s out of pocket cost is determined after eligibility for financial aid, scholarships, and transfer credits are considered. For specific information relating to common and general fees, please review our program disclosures

Is your culinary program accredited?

The Louisiana Culinary Institute is licensed by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents; is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Education (COE) and the American Culinary Federation’s Accrediting Commission; and is a member of the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) and the National Restaurant Association (NRAEF).

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