Tiered Lecture Hall


An Ideal Learning Facility

The LCI tiered lecture hall is a state-of-the-art lecture hall designed specifically with the culinary student in mind. The LCI tiered lecture hall provides many benefits to the culinary students and teachers. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Inclusion - Our tiered lecture hall provides students with a clear sight line to the front of the room. This clear sight line helps with two-way communication between the lecturer and the student.
  • Comfort - Culinary students no longer have to struggle to view an important demonstration as every seat provides the perfect view.
  • Teacher Convenient - The LCI tiered lecture hall also provides the teacher with a better educational environment. Teachers can now see all students without any struggle. Additionally, the tiered seating makes it easier to demonstrate and lecture at the same time. 
To learn more about the tiered seating lecture hall at LCI, contact the LCI staff today. 
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